What you can do on The British Bid:

Learn how to grow your business through exporting:

  • The SavvyAcademy offers highly practical short courses and individual modules in a whole range of topics that are designed to challenge you and your business and get you quickly up to speed:
    • Explore how export might benefit you
    • Get your business in the best shape for export growth
    • Challenge and improve current performance.

A module takes about 15 minutes plus thinking time. Every time you complete a module a short interactive section helps you identify actions and decisions. Your actions and decisions are automatically stored and fed into ‘My Plan’ which brings all your thinking together.

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Organise your ideas and build a strategy for sustainable and profitable export growth:

  • Create Your Plan helps you make sure you have covered all the bases and structure your decision-making:
    • work with colleagues to build export focus
    • push your strategic thinking to new levels
    • create a business model to optimise your success

You will pull in information from all parts of the site including the video modules. Actions and decisions recorded within the modules are automatically stored and fed into ‘My Plan’ which brings all your thinking together.   

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Record your ideas and build up a written plan for your international growth:

‘My Plan’ provides a simple written structure into which all your thinking can be slotted. Every time you complete a module your actions and decisions are automatically stored and fed in to ‘My Plan’.


Focus quickly on a specific topic :

  • The Checklist Store is your easy route to a quick simple briefing
    • Understand the bones of an issue quickly
    • Quickly plan key actions
    • Download to share ideas with colleagues

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Know how other businesses have tackled issues you might face:

  • The Case Study Store offers access to hard-won experience
    • Gain insight into issues
    • Learn from others’ mistakes
    • Deepen your understanding

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Quickly tap in to expert help and advice:

  • Get Specialist Help offers a directory of expertise under key headings:
    • Link in to Government support
    • Access specific international expertise
    • Access specific professional advice

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Access web-based information:

  • The Links Directory offers links to the most important information sources under key headings:


  • Quick access to web sources
  • Build more detailed understanding
  • Save time

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Look at the big picture:

  •   News: our various news offerings can be tailored to your own requirements :
    • National and international news
    • Support news provided by professional support services
    • Local News – stories form your locality

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Find out about something specific:

  • Search: our dynamic search facility will enable you to find what you want on the site :
    • Search in:
      • News
      • Events
      • Courses and modules
      • Checklists
      • Case studies
      • Links


Check your progress and your favourites:

  • Your Dashboard
    • See which modules you have completed
    • See how your plan is coming together
    • Customise other favourites for quick access


Find local and national events:

  •  Events: the site is tailored to your region so it will give you information of Local Events, and some national events that may interest you too.

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