“It was a breath of fresh air.......I really liked the mix of video and reading. The reading really made you think and you didn’t have to read reams and reams.”

Mark Sidebottom

World Heat Ltd

“For me what I liked about the style was that it was multi-modal. There’s a lot of video footage.......of other business people talking about their businesses and talking about that subject in more detail, which I found very helpful. This was videos of people in business, doing business, doing exactly what you are trying to do.”

Rebecca Porter

Bluekit Medical

“I loved the fact that it was other people talking about their business. It was really good feedback when you had the panel around the table going through their experiences......that gave us the heads up that we are not doing a bad job and if those guys can do it then so can we.”

“.....and what I really liked about the modules was the logical sequence, the planning part – consider this before you take the next step...”

Matt Busby

The Name Label Company

“It gave the interpretation from lots of different ways of looking at things and for me it came alive.”

“We were a fantastically close team anyway but what it has done is inspired us.....by having (ExportSavvy) it is suddenly ‘Oh I  can do that’ or ‘Let me do that’ and in our weekly meeting everybody has got something new to say. It’s been inspirational for everyone.”

Emma Busby

The Name label Company

“ExportSavvy allows you to stand on the shoulders of giants if you like.........so that you don’t go out there and spend lots of time, effort, money trying to get your business in a place where it just isn’t going to work..........The great hidden secret with ExportSavvy is the depth of content and advice and inspiration you can get from business leaders small and large who are able to impart their knowledge and just give you some tips and advice.”

Richard Blanchard

Transaction Ltd

“The biggest thing for me was that it was all in one place and I can access it when I want and where I want.”

“Working with the ITA on ExportSavvy was very helpful. It helped them to structure what they were saying to us and it helped us to think about it after they had left.”

Rob Hook